ICAI CA Syllabus for 2022 Exams 

CA MAY 2022 EXAM is approaching. It’s already January and all the holidays are also over. It’s time to develop and maintain the flow. This is can make or break the game.

Already so many students have started thinking that the exams are not going to happen due to the rising covid case this is just an assumption no one should pause or stop his study because of any assumption. In this article, we will try to cover every aspect which will help you score well in your upcoming exams.


NOW there is a rumor running in the air that exams won’t happen because the covid will be at its peak at that time. We strongly criticize such an assumption

Even if the exams don’t happen why won’t you study?

As a student, it is your duty to keep your preparation going and be well prepared, Exam is just a way to test you. Don’t on give and clearing exams. You are much more than that.

IF you want to be extraordinary and wish to inculcate the knowledge in you keep your studies going. You are not only studying to give your exam but also to develop that knowledge in you.

HOW to prepare for the ca May 2022 exams?

   As the syllabus is so vast students often get overwhelmed by seeing that, Even though all the syllabus is right in front of their eyes, still there is chaos in the way of studying and grasping everything.

Let’s discuss the ways Which can help you ace your preparation and execute your exam well.


KEEP ON Studying

As discussed previously you need to think that the exam won’t happen and you stop studying. First of all, it’s too early to think like this and secondly, it’s not your job to worry about all this.

This is the time when you should just think about how to give your best in studying

  1. How Many Group To Attempt

If you decide to attempt one group then give one group only even if the exam is postponed but if you decide to attempt 

both the group then stick with that plan that will help you prepare your subject till April don’t wait for postponement

2. The First Reading

Your first reading if you are studying on your own must be completed 

by February end max till March first week.

Again if you are taking coaching your classes and first reading should be completed 

at https://www.shiksha.com

3.  Plan Your Mock Test

Mock tests are crucial for attempting your main exam. Only studying and cramming thing won’t help if you don’t know how to present your knowledge in your paper

4. Keep Self Beliefs

CA exams are not only a test of your knowledge but also of your mental strength. Getting that strength is also important so that you don’t panic in your exams.

5. Make your Notes


No one needs to panic or worry about exams, remember it’s just an exam and not your whole life. But also not important to ignore your studies and chill.

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