How To Present CA Inter Audit paper

About Audit:-

An audit is a subject that teaches about auditing a finical statement of different entities.

Students Consider this subject as a theory, but it’s the most practical subject. This paper is divided into descriptive as well as MCQ-type Questions. Descriptive type Questions carry 70 marks and MCQ carries 30 Marks respectively.

What To Do Before Audit Exam:-

Self-made notes are most useful for last-day revision. The one which your teacher gave you will help you but the one which you made for yourself will give you a different level of confidence.

 Give Mock Test 

Giving mock tests is not only important in the practical subject but also in subjects like an audit.

  Writing and checking the test help in building and getting away to writing answers in the actual exam.

Revise Properly

In an audit, you won’t be able to remember everything if you don’t revise in proper intervals.

What To Do During Audit Exam:-

During the exam, there are so many factors to be taken care of while executing the paper which are mentioned below.

Plan The Paper Beforehand 

Planning how will attempt your paper will help and in the 15minutes reading time, you can check if your paper can be executed as planned or not.

You will be available to plan it only when you have attempted mock tests while preparing

Write The Demanded Language

Try to Answer the Questions in the language expected, by the Instituted. Writing in your language will not fetch you a great mark

Attempt Question First Which you know Exactly

The question which you are most confident in should be answered first and then the other Question should be attempted

Draw Charts and Diagrams Wherever Necessary

Diagrams and charts aid in summarizing your answer and give a good impression of you to your examiner.


The audit is not scary as it looks but only if you have prepared well. Follow these tips to score better in your audit paper.

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