It’s of utmost importance that you should start preparing for your exams as early as possible. It’s not wise to procrastinate or put a pause on something that might change your future.

Exams can be stressful. It’s not easy to manage your time. That’s why we will be talking about how you can make a Time-Table for exams and follow that schedule.

Here’s a Time-Table you can follow (but you can adjust it as per your needs and comfort).

Note: You can follow this Time-Table for CA Final Exams, CA Intermediate Exams, CA Foundation or any important exams that could be life-changing.


6:00 am – Wake up without fail. (Just have milk, tea or coffee so that you don’t feel sleepy right after you wake up)

6:30–6:45 – Take a short walk to feel refreshed. It opens up your mind and helps to study better.

6:45–9:45 – Read any theory subject of your choice.

9:45–10:30 – Freshen up and have a wholesome breakfast.

10:30 am–1:45 pm – focus on any practical subject

1:45–2:15 – Have some lunch

2:15–3 – Take a power nap. It helps you keep focused and also helps you not feel tired throughout the day.

3–6:15 – Practice any theory subject.

6:15–7 – Watch TV, have light snacks and surf your phone or just go outside and experience some fresh air.

7–8:15 – Revise your notes (on a daily basis, make it a habit).

8:15–9 – Have some dinner. Make sure you don’t eat something too heavy.

9 pm–12 am – Practice any practical subject again

12–6 – Have a sound sleep. Make sure you don’t watch TV or use mobile phone before you go to sleep as it disturbs your sleep and makes you feel tired the next day

Follow this schedule for as many days you can.

Go out on weekends to have fun but not before a month of exams.

Meditate for 10 mins daily. Believe me it helps.

Follow the time table rigorously as soon as you get leave from your articleship.

Planning, Time Management and proper Execution is of utmost IMPORTANCE and is actually the key to clear not just CA exams but any exam you face in your life.


Don’t fail to be Effective in pursuit of being Efficient.


All of these 4 words are used to focus on one thing – “Clarity of Concepts.” No matter how much you studied or practiced, if your concepts are not clear then there’s a high possibility that you will fail in your exam. ICAI prefers quality over quantity.


  • Developed a good writing speed. CA candidates can easily relate to it.
  • As mentioned above, ICAI requires quality over quantity. So, write that much only which is actually needed, not to write anything over than actually required. Your points should be relevant.
  • Daily proper practicing helps you to use specific words which ICAI demands in an answer for CA is a professional course.
  • Practice as many Mock Tests and Revision Test Papers as you can. It helps you to predict what kind of questions may be asked during the exam. It also prepares you mentally to face any question asked in the question paper.

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