How to crack CA Foundation Exam - Audit by Vaishali Blog- Vaishali Chaudhary

Candidates who apply for CA Foundation get around 4 months of time period to prepare for the Exam. Four months doesn’t sound much but anything’s possible if you put hard work into it. Sure, hard work is as important as smart work but you should know where and how to put that smart work into use as it makes all the difference.

In this article, we will discuss about all tips and tricks you can use to crack CA Foundation Exam.

The CA Foundation Course is divided into 4 subjects:

  • Principles and Practices of Accounting.
  • Business Laws and Business Correspondence and Reporting.
  • Business Mathematics and Logical Reasoning and Statistics.
  • Business Economics and Business Commercial Knowledge.

A 12th standard commerce student should be familiar with majority of these subjects.

How Much Should You Study Daily?

How to crack CA Foundation Exam - Audit by Vaishali Blog- Vaishali Chaudhary

You can study daily for 6 hours. It is more than enough if you put a genuine effort into it. But if you forget things after some time then you should give yourself some extra time for revision.

6 hours without distractions is more beneficial than someone who studies for 16 hours with distractions.

So, make sure to get rid of all your distractions.

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Some Expert Advice to Clear CA Foundation Exam:

How to crack CA Foundation Exam - Audit by Vaishali Blog- Vaishali Chaudhary

  • Cover 100% Syllabus: You should cover 100% of the syllabus in any case. You should not leave any single topic.
  • Use Calculator: Referring to log tables and everything else is way too much time consuming and you need to save time. You should learn to use shortcuts of calculator. After all, a CA students can take their calculator skills to the next level.
  • Don’t Mug-Up Anything: Please! Mugging up information is a BIG NO. It’s better to understand things and how they work.
  • Don’t Answer Anything Based on Your Intuitions: Tring to trick an answer when you’re not sure about it never helps and is the most stupid thing you can do in the exam.
  • Know Your Strong Subjects
  • Avoid Confusing Situations: Avoid answering questions where 2 or more choices seem to be correct. If you are not sure about one choice then don’t hesitate to skip it.

Some Smart Advice:

How to crack CA Foundation Exam - Audit by Vaishali Blog- Vaishali Chaudhary
  • Learn To Prioritize: Always give priority to important topics first which carry the highest weightage. Don’t your time on less relevant topics and details.
  • Solve Previous Year Question Papers: Solving previous year questions will help you get acquainted with the exam and question pattern. It will also help you to prioritize different sections and divide your time accordingly.
  • Learn By Writing: Writing answers properly while practicing increases your efficiency and effectiveness. Writing down on a notebook helps you to retain information for a longer duration of time. Reading alone cannot help you to prepare for your exam.
  • Attempt Mock Tests: Attempting Mock Tests is considered one of the best strategies to prepare for CA Foundation exam. Attempting these mean you’re almost half-way there.
  • Avoid Distractions: Get rid of your phones while studying. Make a habit of not watching TV for long hours. Get rid of anything else that causes disturbance while studying. Distractions are your worst enemies.
  • Take Short Breaks: Studying is important but so is de-stressing. You can take short naps, keep yourself hydrated, eat nutritious food or go outside for walks. Make sure you don’t put yourself in a stressful environment.

And don’t forget.

Work Hard. But Work Smarter.

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