The quest to find a career in CA is like a maze. There always arises a query after every path taken and always a “How?”, “Now what?”, “Where to now?” and “What if?” at every corner of this maze.

Every working CA has been through this maze and they have successfully come out to become a respected member of the CA family. You just need to be focused and patient.

Every student pursuing CA has asked me these questions:

  • “What can I become after completing CA?”
  • “What career options do I have after completing CA?”
  • “What’s the best career option after this?”

Well, this blog is to answer those questions.

First of all, congratulations to everyone who has passed the CA final examination and all the best to the ones who are working on it. Now, the transitional phase from being a student to becoming a respected member is the most important phase of your CA life.

So, here is what you can do after completing CA:

Chartered Management Accountant (CMA)

A CMA designation connotes expertise in Financial Accounting and Strategic Management. Being a CMA means having a wide range of career options on the table such as staff accountant, cost accountant, corporate accountant, internal auditor, tax accountant, financial analyst, and budget analyst. CMAs can also work on executive positions such as the vice president of finance, controller, chief financial officer, and chief executive officer.

CMA is a professional certification which is provided by Institute of Management Accountants (IMA). To become a CMA, one must clear two-part examinations.

Certified Public Accountant (CPA)

A CPA is the highest standard of competency in the field of Accountancy globally. If you wish to pursue a career in accounting then this is the best option for you. CPAs are hired across various industries and MNCs throughout the world and are globally known as premiere accountants.

The criteria to become a CPA varies state-to-state.

Company Secretary (CS)

A certified Chartered Accountant cannot practice both CA and CS together. Being a CS will mean that along with accounting you are also qualified enough to look after corporate legal matters also. Best part? It is said that pursuing CS is easier than pursuing CA and being CS gives you an upper hand on CAs in an industry.

Also, after graduation you can directly start with executive stage.

Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA)

CFA charter enables you to expertise in economics, financial reporting, investments analysis, portfolio management and gain analytical skills. CFA also brings a lot of global opportunities and will serve you well throughout your career as salary of a CFA is usually more as compared to other positions.

Becoming a CFA requires you to clear 3 levels of examinations along with 4 years of professional work experience.

Be an Entrepreneur

Being an entrepreneur is not as easy as it seems online. It takes a lot of dedication, patience and sheer will. To become an entrepreneur, one must work very hard without wasting any time or resources.

To be on a safer side, they must have some work experience because industrial knowledge comes in handy while starting your own business. Not just that but they should have a unique mind and innovative skills.

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