Articleship Training is considered to be the most important part of CA Curriculum. A CA candidate is supposed to undergo 3 years of Articleship Training which is basically a practical training phase that enables students to work on real assignments for CA firms. There are a few pre-requisite requirements that CA student should meet before starting their articleship.

Out of these 3 years, 2 years are mandatory to be served by a CA in practice. However, for the last year of training, a CA student may either continue his training under a CA in practice or enrol himself for training under a Chartered Accountant in Employment. (Training under a CA in employment is known as Industrial Training).

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When Can You Register for CA Articleship?

You can apply for CA Articleship only after clearing first or both groups of CA IPCC.

Note: You can start with your articleship after clearing first group of CA IPCC but can register for CA Final only after completing both groups of IPCC and your articleship training.

How to Register for CA Articleship?

First, you have to apply in firms which provide CA articleship training and have vacancies for the same. After selection, you will be assigned to a CA who will be your “Mentor” or “Principal”.

Note: Not all CA firms are eligible to provide CA Articleship training to the students because ICAI has forced a limit on CAs for registering thee articles under them.

You have to inform ICAI about you registration under that particular CA. For that you’ll have to purchase the Articleship Registration Forms: Form 102 & Form 103.

Articleship Registration Form 102: Deed of Articles

  • The deed of articles ought to be implemented for a period of 3 years, deed lesser than 3 years will not be accepted in any case.
  • You have to execute the Deed of Articles on a “Non-Judicial Stamp Paper”. Or you can affix the “Special Adhesive Stamps” of the requisite value.
  • You have to execute the Deed of Articles in a printed form in duplicate. Both the Articled Assistant & the Chartered Accountant have to sign the Deed.
  • The Chartered Accountant will retain the Original Copy of the Deed & the duplicate copy will be given to you.
  • You don’t have to submit the Deed to ICAI for registration.

Articleship Registration Form 103: Statement of Particulars

You have to submit 3 copies of the Form 103. One copy is to be sent to ICAI, one is to be retained by Chartered Accountant & one is to be retained by you i.e. The Article.

Important documents to be submitted:

  • Attested copy of mark-sheet of IPCC Exams
  • Attested copy of Secondary/ Higher School Certificate as proof of Date of Birth
  • Requisite Fees via Demand Draft i.e. Rs. (Rs. 50 extra in case the Forms were downloaded online)
  • Attested Copy of completion of ITT & Orientation Program

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How much is Articleship registration Fees?

During registration of the CA Artileship, you have to pay Rs. 2,000. In case this fees has already been paid at the time of IPCC Registration, you wouldn’t need to pay this fees again.

The Fee can be paid via demand draft/ bankers cheque drawn on any bank in the name of “Secretary, The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India” payable at Mumbai/ Kolkatta/ Chennai/ Kanpur/ New Delhi.

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What is the Last date of Registration?

You have to submit the CA Articleship Registration form within 30 days from the date of commencement of Articleship to ICAI.

What if the Last Date of Registration passed?

You will still be able register, so don’t worry.

But you’ll have to submit a hand written application mentioning the reason for your delay and it should be signed by you and the Chartered Accountant.

Delay Fees:

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What is Student Identity Card and How to Get it?

  • You have to fill the Identity Card in Form 103 with your latest passport size photograph & duly signed by you at all appropriate places.
  • The Identity Card will be stamped by ICAI & will be returned to you in a plastic cover along with the registration letter.
  • The Identity Card & Registration Letter would be sent to you (Article Assistant) by normal post to your registered address.
  • The Identity Card is compulsory for all students & is valid for a period of 3 years from the date of registration.
  • If you are planning to take a transfer/extension of articled service, you ID card will be re-issued for the balance/extended period.

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